About inwhatkey.com

inwhatkey.com is a personal side project of Nick van der Wildt and aims to collect songs and the keys in which they were written. They help beginner to intermediate musicians such as myself to play solos and invent their own playing style over the original songs.

I find that the most educative way of learning to play the guitar is just by doing and trying. However, it can be quite boring to put on a repetitive backing track or no backing track at all. By using inwhatkey.com to find a song, you can actually feel like you're part of a full band.

I suggest you pick a song you like from the library, look up the song on YouTube or on Spotify and just start playing. Make sure you have your guitar amp turned to a proper volume to really feel like you're playing along. I personally prefer the guitar to be a little louder than the song itself, so that when the song's solos kick in, I hear myself better.

Can't find a song you really like? You can request one on on Twitter.

About Nick van der Wildt

A Product Design Manager by day, and a guitar lover by night. My favourite guitar brands are both Gibson and Fender. Yes, yes, I know, blasphemy. But I just love the maple top of the Fender guitars, and the weight and necks of the Gibson guitars.

As for music, I'm an avid classic rock fanatic. Even more so, I quite enjoy the glam rock music from artists like Motley Crue and such. Although my absolute favourite artist is Slash and his former band Guns 'N Roses.

Other than music, I enjoy a good whiskey, a movie, politics and my life in general.