Popular songs and their keys

. Judgement Day DragonForce 1.25K πŸ”₯
. Walk to the Ring Hans Zimmer 1.24K πŸ”₯
. LOSER - KR Ver. BIGBANG 1.24K πŸ”₯
. Silence DragonForce 1.24K πŸ”₯
. In a Skyforged Dream DragonForce 1.24K πŸ”₯
. Overlay Heart Beat (Wild) Hans Zimmer 1.24K πŸ”₯
. Duo/Lenny Goes Home Hans Zimmer 1.24K πŸ”₯
. Power and Glory - Bonus Track DragonForce 1.24K πŸ”₯
. Grapes Of Wrath Weezer 1.24K πŸ”₯
. CLOUDS - Edit NF 1.24K πŸ”₯
. Damaged yetep 1.24K πŸ”₯
. Mirror Image Weezer 1.24K πŸ”₯
. She Needs Me Weezer 1.23K πŸ”₯
. Sheila Can Do It Weezer 1.23K πŸ”₯
. Superman (Taylor’s Version) Taylor Swift 1.23K πŸ”₯
. Speak Now (Taylor's Version) Taylor Swift 1.23K πŸ”₯
. Pamgaea Kevin MacLeod 1.23K πŸ”₯
. -Interlude- NF 1.23K πŸ”₯
. Never Grow Up (Taylor's Version) Taylor Swift 1.23K πŸ”₯
. There Is Always a Choice Hans Zimmer 1.23K πŸ”₯
. I Need Some of That Weezer 1.23K πŸ”₯
. Moody Mooday Damien Rice 1.23K πŸ”₯
. Astral Empire DragonForce 1.22K πŸ”₯
. Accidental Babies Damien Rice 1.22K πŸ”₯
. Aloo Gobi Weezer 1.22K πŸ”₯
. Around The World In 80 Days Theme - From The Original TV Series Soundtrack Hans Zimmer 1.22K πŸ”₯
. Haru Haru BIGBANG 1.22K πŸ”₯
. All I Do NF 1.22K πŸ”₯
. All My Favorite Songs (feat. AJR) Weezer 1.22K πŸ”₯
. My Heart Will Go On DragonForce 1.22K πŸ”₯
. Everything Happens For A Reason Weezer 1.22K πŸ”₯
. Cheers Darlin' Damien Rice 1.21K πŸ”₯
. Believe In Ghosts / Banging Shutter / The Wind #1 / The Wind #2 Hans Zimmer 1.21K πŸ”₯
. Petals from a Rose yetep 1.21K πŸ”₯
. Heart Demolition DragonForce 1.21K πŸ”₯
. Same Page yetep 1.21K πŸ”₯
. Cosmic Power of the Infinite Shred Machine DragonForce 1.21K πŸ”₯
. Welcome to Jaworzno Hans Zimmer 1.2K πŸ”₯
. I Can See You (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) Taylor Swift 1.2K πŸ”₯
. Cassette Player Overlay Hans Zimmer 1.2K πŸ”₯
. Love Is Gone SLANDER 1.2K πŸ”₯
. Corpse In The Closet Hans Zimmer 1.2K πŸ”₯
. A Moment Of Relief Hans Zimmer 1.2K πŸ”₯
. Long Live (Taylor's Version) Taylor Swift 1.2K πŸ”₯
. Innocent (Taylor's Version) Taylor Swift 1.2K πŸ”₯
. End Title Hans Zimmer 1.19K πŸ”₯
. Extraction Zone DragonForce 1.19K πŸ”₯
. Highway to Oblivion DragonForce 1.19K πŸ”₯
. Blue BIGBANG 1.19K πŸ”₯
. Chandelier Damien Rice 1.19K πŸ”₯
. Dear John (Taylor's Version) Taylor Swift 1.19K πŸ”₯
. Stranger On The Island Hans Zimmer 1.19K πŸ”₯
. The Earth Moves / Talking To Bones / Phil Gets Vertigo Hans Zimmer 1.18K πŸ”₯
. Thank You and Good Night Weezer 1.18K πŸ”₯
. Back To December (Taylor's Version) Taylor Swift 1.18K πŸ”₯
. Three Hammers DragonForce 1.18K πŸ”₯
. Day One Hans Zimmer 1.18K πŸ”₯
. Dagger One Is Hit / Time To Let Go Hans Zimmer 1.18K πŸ”₯
. Foolish One (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) Taylor Swift 1.18K πŸ”₯
. Soldiers Of The Wastelands DragonForce 1.18K πŸ”₯
. Coconut Skins Damien Rice 1.18K πŸ”₯
. Don't Talk Me Down JoJo 1.17K πŸ”₯
. Curse of Darkness DragonForce 1.17K πŸ”₯
. Reasons To Live DragonForce 1.17K πŸ”₯
. Hatred and Revenge (Bonus Track) DragonForce 1.17K πŸ”₯
. Gravity yetep 1.17K πŸ”₯
. Lawn Chair Weezer 1.17K πŸ”₯
. My Spirit Will Go On DragonForce 1.17K πŸ”₯
. Valerie (feat. Amy Winehouse) - Version Revisited Amy Winehouse 1.16K πŸ”₯
. Hello Scarecrow Hans Zimmer 1.16K πŸ”₯
. Land of Shattered Dreams DragonForce 1.16K πŸ”₯
. No More DragonForce 1.16K πŸ”₯
. Wet Cats Hans Zimmer 1.16K πŸ”₯
. Broken Statuette / Bad Lovin' Hans Zimmer 1.16K πŸ”₯
. The Edge of the World DragonForce 1.16K πŸ”₯
. The Last Journey Home DragonForce 1.15K πŸ”₯
. won't let go Babble Pitch 1.15K πŸ”₯
. Jew Animal! Hans Zimmer 1.15K πŸ”₯
. Better Than Revenge (Taylor's Version) Taylor Swift 1.15K πŸ”₯
. Valley Of The Damned - Remastered 2009 DragonForce 1.15K πŸ”₯
. Knife / Phone Call / Silent Threat / You'll Die, Anderson Hans Zimmer 1.15K πŸ”₯
. The Opposite Of Me Weezer 1.14K πŸ”₯
. Seasons DragonForce 1.14K πŸ”₯
. What's The Good Of Being Good Weezer 1.14K πŸ”₯
. You're Not Alone - Bonus Track DragonForce 1.13K πŸ”₯
. Operation Ground And Pound DragonForce 1.13K πŸ”₯
. The Story of the Cap Hans Zimmer 1.13K πŸ”₯
. Opening Night Weezer 1.13K πŸ”₯
. Angels On Vacation Weezer 1.13K πŸ”₯
. City of Gold DragonForce 1.13K πŸ”₯
. Soapy Suds/Marlow's Theme/Bush Baby's Blues/Enter The Guards Hans Zimmer 1.13K πŸ”₯
. Melting (feat. EASAE) yetep 1.13K πŸ”₯
. Tomorrow's Kings DragonForce 1.13K πŸ”₯
. Remembrance Day DragonForce 1.12K πŸ”₯
. Fury Of The Storm DragonForce 1.12K πŸ”₯
. Reaching into Infinity DragonForce 1.12K πŸ”₯
. Troopers of the Stars DragonForce 1.12K πŸ”₯