Weezer songs and their keys

. Say It Ain't So Weezer 16.88K šŸ”„
. Buddy Holly Weezer 14.11K šŸ”„
. Beverly Hills Weezer 13.01K šŸ”„
. Hash Pipe Weezer 12.56K šŸ”„
. Island In The Sun Weezer 11.33K šŸ”„
. Happy Hour - Eden Prince Remix Weezer 11.1K šŸ”„
. Happy Hour Weezer 11.01K šŸ”„
. Feels Like Summer Weezer 10.74K šŸ”„
. Thank God For Girls Weezer 10.56K šŸ”„
. Mexican Fender Weezer 10.53K šŸ”„
. Pig Weezer 8.42K šŸ”„
. Endless Bummer Weezer 5.38K šŸ”„
. Pork And Beans Weezer 5.26K šŸ”„
. QB Blitz Weezer 5.2K šŸ”„
. Dreamin' Weezer 5.15K šŸ”„
. Unbreak My Heart Weezer 5.15K šŸ”„
. Ain't Got Nobody Weezer 5.07K šŸ”„
. Jacked Up Weezer 4.96K šŸ”„
. Da Vinci Weezer 4.92K šŸ”„
. Fake Smiles and Nervous Laughter Weezer 4.89K šŸ”„
. L.A. Girlz Weezer 4.89K šŸ”„
. Cleopatra Weezer 4.88K šŸ”„
. Do You Wanna Get High? Weezer 4.85K šŸ”„
. King Of The World Weezer 4.81K šŸ”„
. Eulogy For A Rock Band Weezer 4.8K šŸ”„
. Any Friend of Diane's Weezer 4.78K šŸ”„
. Hang On Weezer 4.76K šŸ”„
. The British Are Coming Weezer 4.74K šŸ”„
. II. Anonymous Weezer 4.73K šŸ”„
. Foolish Father Weezer 4.71K šŸ”„
. Where's My Sex? Weezer 4.68K šŸ”„
. Sweet Mary Weezer 4.68K šŸ”„
. (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To Weezer 4.68K šŸ”„
. I. The Waste Land Weezer 4.66K šŸ”„
. Losing My Mind Weezer 4.65K šŸ”„
. Troublemaker Weezer 4.65K šŸ”„
. California Kids Weezer 4.65K šŸ”„
. Heart Songs Weezer 4.65K šŸ”„
. Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori Weezer 4.64K šŸ”„
. Can't Stop Partying - Polow Version Weezer 4.64K šŸ”„
. Miss Sweeney Weezer 4.61K šŸ”„
. Weekend Woman Weezer 4.6K šŸ”„
. Odd Couple Weezer 4.6K šŸ”„
. La Mancha Screwjob Weezer 4.6K šŸ”„
. Time Flies Weezer 4.59K šŸ”„
. The Underdogs Weezer 4.58K šŸ”„
. Beach Boys Weezer 4.56K šŸ”„
. Get Right Weezer 4.55K šŸ”„
. Trainwrecks Weezer 4.53K šŸ”„
. I Love The USA Weezer 4.52K šŸ”„
. Iā€™m Your Daddy Weezer 4.52K šŸ”„
. Thought I Knew Weezer 4.52K šŸ”„
. The Spider Weezer 4.52K šŸ”„
. Back To The Shack Weezer 4.52K šŸ”„
. III. Return To Ithaka Weezer 4.51K šŸ”„
. I Don't Want Your Loving Weezer 4.51K šŸ”„
. Ruling Me Weezer 4.5K šŸ”„
. (Girl We Got A) Good Thing Weezer 4.5K šŸ”„
. The Angel And The One Weezer 4.49K šŸ”„
. Autopilot Weezer 4.47K šŸ”„
. I've Had It Up To Here Weezer 4.46K šŸ”„
. Memories Weezer 4.46K šŸ”„
. Everybody Get Dangerous Weezer 4.46K šŸ”„
. Run Away Weezer 4.46K šŸ”„
. Smart Girls Weezer 4.46K šŸ”„
. Run Over By A Truck Weezer 4.45K šŸ”„
. In The Mall Weezer 4.45K šŸ”„
. Cold Dark World Weezer 4.45K šŸ”„
. Lonely Girl Weezer 4.44K šŸ”„
. The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations On A Shaker Hymn) Weezer 4.44K šŸ”„
. Everyone Weezer 4.44K šŸ”„
. I'm A Robot Weezer 4.43K šŸ”„
. The Prettiest Girl In The Whole Wide World Weezer 4.43K šŸ”„
. Go Away Weezer 4.42K šŸ”„
. Trampoline Weezer 4.42K šŸ”„
. Friend of a Friend Weezer 4.42K šŸ”„
. Wind In Our Sail Weezer 4.42K šŸ”„
. I Don't Want To Let You Go Weezer 4.41K šŸ”„
. Get Me Some Weezer 4.4K šŸ”„
. King Weezer 4.4K šŸ”„
. Turning Up The Radio Weezer 4.4K šŸ”„
. Tripping Down The Freeway Weezer 4.39K šŸ”„
. Unspoken Weezer 4.39K šŸ”„
. The Girl Got Hot Weezer 4.39K šŸ”„
. Automatic Weezer 4.38K šŸ”„
. Blowin' My Stack Weezer 4.38K šŸ”„
. Let It All Hang Out Weezer 4.37K šŸ”„
. Brave New World Weezer 4.37K šŸ”„