Popular songs and their keys

. Fuck Love (feat. Trippie Redd) XXXTENTACION 33.47K πŸ”₯
. Need you now Lady Antebellum 33.45K πŸ”₯
. Drops of Jupiter Train 33.45K πŸ”₯
. That's Life Frank Sinatra 33.43K πŸ”₯
. Tunnel of love Dire Straits 33.42K πŸ”₯
. I am the walrus The Beatles 33.42K πŸ”₯
. The Zephyr song Red Hot Chili Peppers 33.4K πŸ”₯
. everything i wanted Billie Eilish 33.39K πŸ”₯
. Can't Feel My Face The Weeknd 33.36K πŸ”₯
. bad guy Billie Eilish 33.36K πŸ”₯
. Hail to the king Avenged Sevenfold 33.35K πŸ”₯
. All you need is love The Beatles 33.34K πŸ”₯
. Waterloo ABBA 33.34K πŸ”₯
. Weird Fishes/ Arpeggi Radiohead 33.33K πŸ”₯
. Lovin', touchin', squeezin Journey 33.33K πŸ”₯
. (Don't Fear) The Reaper Blue Γ–yster Cult 33.31K πŸ”₯
. White Ferrari Frank Ocean 33.3K πŸ”₯
. Slide Goo Goo Dolls 33.29K πŸ”₯
. A day in the life The Beatles 33.26K πŸ”₯
. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough Michael Jackson 33.23K πŸ”₯
. Good riddance Green Day 33.23K πŸ”₯
. Aeroplane Red Hot Chili Peppers 33.21K πŸ”₯
. You make me Avicii 33.17K πŸ”₯
. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Frank Sinatra 33.1K πŸ”₯
. Touch of Grey Grateful Dead 33.05K πŸ”₯
. Wheel John Mayer 33K πŸ”₯
. I Wanna Be Your Lover Prince 33K πŸ”₯
. Da funk Daft Punk 32.98K πŸ”₯
. Is there anybody out there? Pink Floyd 32.95K πŸ”₯
. Boyfriend Justin Bieber 32.91K πŸ”₯
. Badge Cream 32.89K πŸ”₯
. My life Billy Joel 32.85K πŸ”₯
. Nutshell Alice In Chains 32.84K πŸ”₯
. You're so vain Carly Simon 32.81K πŸ”₯
. 3 O'Clock Blues B.B. King 32.8K πŸ”₯
. Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love Van Halen 32.79K πŸ”₯
. Vicarious Tool 32.74K πŸ”₯
. Better Man Pearl Jam 32.73K πŸ”₯
. We Don't Talk Anymore (feat. Selena Gomez) Charlie Puth 32.68K πŸ”₯
. Honesty Billy Joel 32.68K πŸ”₯
. Tomorrow Never Knows The Beatles 32.66K πŸ”₯
. Bulls on parade Rage Against The Machine 32.59K πŸ”₯
. Story of My Life One Direction 32.59K πŸ”₯
. Who knew Pink 32.57K πŸ”₯
. Mannish Boy Muddy Waters 32.56K πŸ”₯
. Jolene Dolly Parton 32.53K πŸ”₯
. I Know You Rider Grateful Dead 32.49K πŸ”₯
. The Pot Tool 32.48K πŸ”₯
. Complicated Avril Lavigne 32.47K πŸ”₯
. watch Billie Eilish 32.45K πŸ”₯
. You'll Be In My Heart Phil Collins 32.45K πŸ”₯
. Lonely Day System Of A Down 32.42K πŸ”₯
. Fall to pieces Velvet Revolver 32.38K πŸ”₯
. Stadium arcadium Red Hot Chili Peppers 32.37K πŸ”₯
. Summer song Joe Satriani 32.34K πŸ”₯
. Run To You Bryan Adams 32.34K πŸ”₯
. Thank You for the Music ABBA 32.33K πŸ”₯
. Take a bow Rihanna 32.31K πŸ”₯
. No such thing John Mayer 32.25K πŸ”₯
. Echoes of Silence The Weeknd 32.24K πŸ”₯
. S.O.S. ABBA 32.24K πŸ”₯
. Ours Taylor Swift 32.23K πŸ”₯
. Adventure of a lifetime Coldplay 32.23K πŸ”₯
. Lips of an angel Hinder 32.23K πŸ”₯
. Name Goo Goo Dolls 32.2K πŸ”₯
. Fly Away Lenny Kravitz 32.19K πŸ”₯
. Midnight blues Gary Moore 32.17K πŸ”₯
. Suck my kiss Red Hot Chili Peppers 32.17K πŸ”₯
. In the light Led Zeppelin 32.14K πŸ”₯
. Sexual healing Marvin Gaye 32.13K πŸ”₯
. Man in the Box Alice In Chains 32.11K πŸ”₯
. Sooner Than Later Drake 32.1K πŸ”₯
. Breaking the habit Linkin Park 32.08K πŸ”₯
. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) Michael Jackson 32.08K πŸ”₯
. Work (feat. Drake) Rihanna 32.07K πŸ”₯
. Breakdown Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers 32.06K πŸ”₯
. Walking in Memphis Marc Cohn 32.05K πŸ”₯
. Waitin' For The Bus ZZ Top 32.02K πŸ”₯
. Crossroads John Mayer 31.98K πŸ”₯
. Assassin John Mayer 31.97K πŸ”₯
. Burn Deep Purple 31.95K πŸ”₯
. My Favorite Things John Coltrane 31.92K πŸ”₯
. Summer Wind Frank Sinatra 31.91K πŸ”₯
. Lady writer Dire Straits 31.88K πŸ”₯
. Surfing with the alien Joe Satriani 31.86K πŸ”₯
. Riviera Paradise Stevie Ray Vaughan 31.83K πŸ”₯
. Somethin' Stupid Frank Sinatra 31.8K πŸ”₯
. Cold As Ice Foreigner 31.77K πŸ”₯
. 5% TINT Travis Scott 31.75K πŸ”₯
. YOSEMITE Travis Scott 31.74K πŸ”₯
. Clint Eastwood Gorillaz 31.72K πŸ”₯
. Sunday bloody sunday U2 31.71K πŸ”₯
. A hard day's night The Beatles 31.69K πŸ”₯
. Please Please Me The Beatles 31.68K πŸ”₯
. You're my best friend Queen 31.66K πŸ”₯
. Everything I do (I do it for you) Bryan Adams 31.65K πŸ”₯
. In The Air Tonight Phil Collins 31.64K πŸ”₯
. Working Man Rush 31.63K πŸ”₯
. It's so easy Guns N' Roses 31.62K πŸ”₯
. Run like hell Pink Floyd 31.61K πŸ”₯