Popular songs and their keys

. Fell in love with a girl The White Stripes 21.87K πŸ”₯
. Welcome to the machine Pink Floyd 21.87K πŸ”₯
. Who knew Pink 21.85K πŸ”₯
. Home Michael BublΓ© 21.85K πŸ”₯
. Castle on the hill Ed Sheeran 21.84K πŸ”₯
. Can't You See The Marshall Tucker Band 21.82K πŸ”₯
. I Should Have Known Better The Beatles 21.81K πŸ”₯
. Just Like Heaven The Cure 21.81K πŸ”₯
. Desire U2 21.79K πŸ”₯
. Blackbird The Beatles 21.78K πŸ”₯
. Dive Ed Sheeran 21.78K πŸ”₯
. Fly Away Lenny Kravitz 21.77K πŸ”₯
. Home sweet home MΓΆtley CrΓΌe 21.74K πŸ”₯
. Chasing pavements Adele 21.72K πŸ”₯
. Cold As Ice Foreigner 21.72K πŸ”₯
. Blackened Metallica 21.71K πŸ”₯
. Hey, hey, what can I do Led Zeppelin 21.7K πŸ”₯
. When Doves Cry Prince 21.7K πŸ”₯
. Good times bad times Led Zeppelin 21.68K πŸ”₯
. Gimme Gimme Gimme ABBA 21.68K πŸ”₯
. Say John Mayer 21.68K πŸ”₯
. Blue Suede Shoes Elvis Presley 21.67K πŸ”₯
. Midnight blues Gary Moore 21.67K πŸ”₯
. Turn the page Metallica 21.66K πŸ”₯
. Albatross Fleetwood Mac 21.65K πŸ”₯
. One More Light Linkin Park 21.65K πŸ”₯
. Uncle John’s Band Grateful Dead 21.64K πŸ”₯
. Parabola Tool 21.62K πŸ”₯
. Back in the U.S.S.R. The Beatles 21.62K πŸ”₯
. You Can't Always Get What You Want The Rolling Stones 21.62K πŸ”₯
. Ice Cream Man Van Halen 21.61K πŸ”₯
. We didn't start the fire Billy Joel 21.6K πŸ”₯
. Need you now Lady Antebellum 21.6K πŸ”₯
. Slide Goo Goo Dolls 21.58K πŸ”₯
. We found love Rihanna 21.58K πŸ”₯
. Name Goo Goo Dolls 21.55K πŸ”₯
. I could be the one (radio edit) Avicii 21.55K πŸ”₯
. Call me the breeze John Mayer 21.54K πŸ”₯
. Take a bow Rihanna 21.53K πŸ”₯
. Nowhere man The Beatles 21.51K πŸ”₯
. Kiss Land The Weeknd 21.5K πŸ”₯
. I got mine The Black Keys 21.48K πŸ”₯
. Surfing with the alien Joe Satriani 21.47K πŸ”₯
. Fuel Metallica 21.46K πŸ”₯
. Badge Cream 21.44K πŸ”₯
. Father And Son Cat Stevens 21.43K πŸ”₯
. Clint Eastwood Gorillaz 21.43K πŸ”₯
. Hero Enrique Iglesias 21.41K πŸ”₯
. Vicarious Tool 21.4K πŸ”₯
. Little Black Submarines The Black Keys 21.4K πŸ”₯
. I am the walrus The Beatles 21.37K πŸ”₯
. Nights Frank Ocean 21.37K πŸ”₯
. Aeroplane Red Hot Chili Peppers 21.37K πŸ”₯
. That's Life Frank Sinatra 21.34K πŸ”₯
. Buddy Holly Weezer 21.32K πŸ”₯
. Burn Deep Purple 21.29K πŸ”₯
. Walk Pantera 21.27K πŸ”₯
. You Never Give Me Your Money The Beatles 21.26K πŸ”₯
. Sweet creature Harry Styles 21.25K πŸ”₯
. Haven't Met You Yet Michael BublΓ© 21.24K πŸ”₯
. Say a little prayer Aretha Franklin 21.23K πŸ”₯
. Three little birds Bob Marley 21.23K πŸ”₯
. Gold dust woman Fleetwood Mac 21.21K πŸ”₯
. Sexxx dreams Lady Gaga 21.2K πŸ”₯
. Sexual healing Marvin Gaye 21.2K πŸ”₯
. Subdivisions Rush 21.19K πŸ”₯
. White Ferrari Frank Ocean 21.19K πŸ”₯
. Highway Star Deep Purple 21.17K πŸ”₯
. Wasted Years Iron Maiden 21.16K πŸ”₯
. My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue) Neil Young 21.15K πŸ”₯
. Bitter Sweet Symphony The Verve 21.15K πŸ”₯
. Fast Car Tracy Chapman 21.13K πŸ”₯
. Into You Ariana Grande 21.12K πŸ”₯
. We Are Young fun. 21.11K πŸ”₯
. The power of love CΓ©line Dion 21.11K πŸ”₯
. I Get Around The Beach Boys 21.1K πŸ”₯
. Run To You Bryan Adams 21.1K πŸ”₯
. A certain romance Arctic Monkeys 21.09K πŸ”₯
. Wheel John Mayer 21.08K πŸ”₯
. Brown Sugar The Rolling Stones 21.08K πŸ”₯
. Mask off Future 21.07K πŸ”₯
. Mean Taylor Swift 21.05K πŸ”₯
. Fade into darkness Avicii 21.03K πŸ”₯
. Clarity John Mayer 21.02K πŸ”₯
. Finesse Bruno Mars 21.02K πŸ”₯
. Failure Breaking Benjamin 21.01K πŸ”₯
. Behind Blue Eyes The Who 21K πŸ”₯
. Run like hell Pink Floyd 21K πŸ”₯
. Your Latest Trick Dire Straits 20.99K πŸ”₯
. Moon River Frank Ocean 20.98K πŸ”₯
. Good riddance Green Day 20.97K πŸ”₯
. Summer Wind Frank Sinatra 20.96K πŸ”₯
. American Woman Lenny Kravitz 20.96K πŸ”₯
. Echoes of Silence The Weeknd 20.95K πŸ”₯
. Better Man Pearl Jam 20.94K πŸ”₯
. How Long Charlie Puth 20.94K πŸ”₯
. Breed Nirvana 20.9K πŸ”₯
. Raining Blood Slayer 20.88K πŸ”₯
. Another Day In Paradise Phil Collins 20.88K πŸ”₯
. Last Dance With Mary Jane Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers 20.87K πŸ”₯