Popular songs and their keys

. The Jack AC/DC 26.9K πŸ”₯
. Wild world Cat Stevens 26.9K πŸ”₯
. Pour some sugar on me Def Leppard 26.87K πŸ”₯
. Lay Me Down Sam Smith 26.85K πŸ”₯
. Photograph Def Leppard 26.83K πŸ”₯
. HUMBLE. Kendrick Lamar 26.82K πŸ”₯
. I Wish Stevie Wonder 26.81K πŸ”₯
. Wild Horses The Rolling Stones 26.77K πŸ”₯
. New York state of mind Billy Joel 26.76K πŸ”₯
. Welcome home (sanitarium) Metallica 26.75K πŸ”₯
. Shiver Coldplay 26.75K πŸ”₯
. That's what I like Bruno Mars 26.73K πŸ”₯
. Sad but true Metallica 26.73K πŸ”₯
. I will wait Mumford & Sons 26.7K πŸ”₯
. All my life Foo Fighters 26.7K πŸ”₯
. One more time Daft Punk 26.7K πŸ”₯
. Mr. Tambourine Man Bob Dylan 26.69K πŸ”₯
. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) Phil Collins 26.68K πŸ”₯
. Uprising Muse 26.67K πŸ”₯
. Stir it up Bob Marley 26.64K πŸ”₯
. Hello Lionel Richie 26.64K πŸ”₯
. Touch It Ariana Grande 26.63K πŸ”₯
. Style Taylor Swift 26.61K πŸ”₯
. Amazing Aerosmith 26.61K πŸ”₯
. Lucy in the sky with diamonds The Beatles 26.6K πŸ”₯
. The Rover Led Zeppelin 26.59K πŸ”₯
. Clarity Zedd 26.53K πŸ”₯
. Wicked game Chris Isaak 26.51K πŸ”₯
. Southern man Neil Young 26.48K πŸ”₯
. Every little thing she does is magic The Police 26.48K πŸ”₯
. Heaven Bryan Adams 26.46K πŸ”₯
. Sugar Maroon 5 26.44K πŸ”₯
. O' holy night CΓ©line Dion 26.43K πŸ”₯
. I'm going down Bruce Springsteen 26.43K πŸ”₯
. Thank you Led Zeppelin 26.41K πŸ”₯
. Killing in the name of Rage Against The Machine 26.41K πŸ”₯
. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door Bob Dylan 26.34K πŸ”₯
. Waiting for love Avicii 26.33K πŸ”₯
. Best of you Foo Fighters 26.33K πŸ”₯
. You give love a bad name Bon Jovi 26.29K πŸ”₯
. Heartbreak warfare John Mayer 26.26K πŸ”₯
. Godzilla Blue Γ–yster Cult 26.26K πŸ”₯
. Into You Ariana Grande 26.22K πŸ”₯
. Amsterdam Coldplay 26.21K πŸ”₯
. The Great Gig in the Sky Pink Floyd 26.18K πŸ”₯
. Unholy confessions Avenged Sevenfold 26.15K πŸ”₯
. Good Vibrations The Beach Boys 26.13K πŸ”₯
. Rebel Rebel David Bowie 26.12K πŸ”₯
. Learning to fly Pink Floyd 26.1K πŸ”₯
. Please forgive me Bryan Adams 26.09K πŸ”₯
. No Surprises Radiohead 26.08K πŸ”₯
. Out on the weekend Neil Young 26.06K πŸ”₯
. What do you mean? Justin Bieber 26.03K πŸ”₯
. No quarter Led Zeppelin 26.03K πŸ”₯
. Ride Twenty One Pilots 26.03K πŸ”₯
. Set fire to the rain Adele 26.02K πŸ”₯
. What I've done Linkin Park 26.02K πŸ”₯
. All by myself CΓ©line Dion 26.01K πŸ”₯
. Happiness is a warm gun The Beatles 26.01K πŸ”₯
. Rock steady Aretha Franklin 26.01K πŸ”₯
. Shoot to thrill AC/DC 26K πŸ”₯
. All apologies Nirvana 25.96K πŸ”₯
. Something Just Like This ft. The Chainsmokers Coldplay 25.94K πŸ”₯
. Rain song Led Zeppelin 25.93K πŸ”₯
. Brown eyed girl Van Morrison 25.9K πŸ”₯
. Mr. Brownstone Guns N' Roses 25.89K πŸ”₯
. Everywhere Fleetwood Mac 25.88K πŸ”₯
. Sail AWOLNATION 25.88K πŸ”₯
. Isn't She Lovely Stevie Wonder 25.86K πŸ”₯
. The Knowing The Weeknd 25.83K πŸ”₯
. 15 step Radiohead 25.81K πŸ”₯
. More Than a Feeling Boston 25.8K πŸ”₯
. Don't forget me Red Hot Chili Peppers 25.79K πŸ”₯
. The Winner Takes It All ABBA 25.79K πŸ”₯
. Reptilia The Strokes 25.79K πŸ”₯
. Buffalo soldier Bob Marley 25.76K πŸ”₯
. When I come around Green Day 25.75K πŸ”₯
. Walk of life Dire Straits 25.74K πŸ”₯
. Versace On The Floor Bruno Mars 25.73K πŸ”₯
. Little Wing Stevie Ray Vaughan 25.73K πŸ”₯
. Bad Moon Rising Creedence Clearwater Revival 25.71K πŸ”₯
. Redemption song Bob Marley 25.68K πŸ”₯
. Ace of Spades MotΓΆrhead 25.68K πŸ”₯
. Fluorescent adolescent Arctic Monkeys 25.66K πŸ”₯
. This means war Avenged Sevenfold 25.59K πŸ”₯
. Like a hurricane Neil Young 25.57K πŸ”₯
. Bad blood Taylor Swift 25.55K πŸ”₯
. Girl The Beatles 25.55K πŸ”₯
. Nikes Frank Ocean 25.52K πŸ”₯
. Cherub Rock The Smashing Pumpkins 25.51K πŸ”₯
. Stay with me Sam Smith 25.5K πŸ”₯
. California gurls ft. Snoop Dogg Katy Perry 25.48K πŸ”₯
. Under pressure Queen 25.48K πŸ”₯
. Money Money Money ABBA 25.47K πŸ”₯
. Tenerife sea Ed Sheeran 25.47K πŸ”₯
. Tribute Tenacious D 25.45K πŸ”₯
. Don't stop the music Rihanna 25.42K πŸ”₯
. Faithfully Journey 25.4K πŸ”₯
. Theme From New York, New York Frank Sinatra 25.4K πŸ”₯
. Upside down Jack Johnson 25.38K πŸ”₯