Popular songs and their keys

. When I was your man Bruno Mars 39.16K πŸ”₯
. Althea Grateful Dead 39.13K πŸ”₯
. Black dog Led Zeppelin 39.07K πŸ”₯
. Halo BeyoncΓ© 38.97K πŸ”₯
. Nude Radiohead 38.86K πŸ”₯
. BUTTERFLY EFFECT Travis Scott 38.85K πŸ”₯
. The man who sold the world Nirvana 38.78K πŸ”₯
. Pride and joy Stevie Ray Vaughan 38.77K πŸ”₯
. She will be loved Maroon 5 38.72K πŸ”₯
. Miss you The Rolling Stones 38.59K πŸ”₯
. Thinking out loud Ed Sheeran 38.41K πŸ”₯
. Dani California Red Hot Chili Peppers 38.37K πŸ”₯
. Hound Dog Elvis Presley 38.34K πŸ”₯
. Mamma Mia ABBA 38.3K πŸ”₯
. I still haven't found what I'm looking for U2 38.24K πŸ”₯
. Old Man Neil Young 38.13K πŸ”₯
. I'm Not The Only One Sam Smith 38.09K πŸ”₯
. Thunder Imagine Dragons 37.95K πŸ”₯
. Samba pa ti Santana 37.9K πŸ”₯
. Schism Tool 37.86K πŸ”₯
. When we were young Adele 37.84K πŸ”₯
. Strawberry fields forever The Beatles 37.7K πŸ”₯
. Thriller Michael Jackson 37.69K πŸ”₯
. Rosanna Toto 37.68K πŸ”₯
. War pigs Black Sabbath 37.6K πŸ”₯
. No one Alicia Keys 37.59K πŸ”₯
. Get lucky Daft Punk 37.56K πŸ”₯
. Learn to fly Foo Fighters 37.5K πŸ”₯
. Locked out of heaven Bruno Mars 37.45K πŸ”₯
. Skyfall Adele 37.42K πŸ”₯
. The unforgiven Metallica 37.36K πŸ”₯
. Oye como va Santana 37.36K πŸ”₯
. Twist & shout The Beatles 37.32K πŸ”₯
. Neon John Mayer 37.31K πŸ”₯
. Hell's bells AC/DC 37.12K πŸ”₯
. You belong with me Taylor Swift 37.07K πŸ”₯
. Zombie The Cranberries 37.06K πŸ”₯
. Pompeii Bastille 37.05K πŸ”₯
. rockstar Post Malone 36.98K πŸ”₯
. Bad romance Lady Gaga 36.96K πŸ”₯
. Kids MGMT 36.88K πŸ”₯
. Electric Feel MGMT 36.85K πŸ”₯
. Go your own way Fleetwood Mac 36.79K πŸ”₯
. Eye of the tiger Survivor 36.78K πŸ”₯
. Down by the river Neil Young 36.76K πŸ”₯
. Basket case Green Day 36.7K πŸ”₯
. Welcome to the Black Parade My Chemical Romance 36.69K πŸ”₯
. Riders on the Storm The Doors 36.67K πŸ”₯
. Paradise Coldplay 36.51K πŸ”₯
. Paranoid Android Radiohead 36.51K πŸ”₯
. Uptown girl Billy Joel 36.4K πŸ”₯
. Michelle The Beatles 36.22K πŸ”₯
. Wonderful tonight Eric Clapton 36.19K πŸ”₯
. Penny Lane The Beatles 36.17K πŸ”₯
. Tush ZZ Top 36.09K πŸ”₯
. Forty Six & 2 Tool 36.07K πŸ”₯
. Everlong Foo Fighters 36.03K πŸ”₯
. Somebody to love Queen 36.02K πŸ”₯
. Otherside Red Hot Chili Peppers 36.02K πŸ”₯
. Jesus of suburbia Green Day 35.97K πŸ”₯
. Paradise city Guns N' Roses 35.82K πŸ”₯
. Livin' On A Prayer Bon Jovi 35.81K πŸ”₯
. I don't trust myself (with loving you) John Mayer 35.77K πŸ”₯
. Smooth Criminal Michael Jackson 35.65K πŸ”₯
. 24K magic Bruno Mars 35.63K πŸ”₯
. Sk8er Boi Avril Lavigne 35.6K πŸ”₯
. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction The Rolling Stones 35.57K πŸ”₯
. lovely (with Khalid) Billie Eilish 35.47K πŸ”₯
. Something like Olivia John Mayer 35.47K πŸ”₯
. Pink + White Frank Ocean 35.39K πŸ”₯
. Nightrain Guns N' Roses 35.38K πŸ”₯
. 21 guns Green Day 35.24K πŸ”₯
. Fallin' Alicia Keys 35.22K πŸ”₯
. Rolling in the deep Adele 35.21K πŸ”₯
. I Wanna Dance With Somebody Whitney Houston 35.13K πŸ”₯
. Around the world Daft Punk 35.12K πŸ”₯
. Panama Van Halen 35.1K πŸ”₯
. Mother Pink Floyd 35.07K πŸ”₯
. Lights Journey 35.06K πŸ”₯
. The Times They Are A-Changin' Bob Dylan 35K πŸ”₯
. Long Train Runnin’ The Doobie Brothers 34.97K πŸ”₯
. Staying Alive Bee Gees 34.91K πŸ”₯
. Black Hole Sun Soundgarden 34.86K πŸ”₯
. You Raise Me Up Josh Groban 34.84K πŸ”₯
. A sky full of stars Coldplay 34.81K πŸ”₯
. Belief John Mayer 34.79K πŸ”₯
. Masters of puppets Metallica 34.79K πŸ”₯
. Ten years gone Led Zeppelin 34.79K πŸ”₯
. Rock and roll Led Zeppelin 34.71K πŸ”₯
. Hey you Pink Floyd 34.62K πŸ”₯
. Immigrant song Led Zeppelin 34.61K πŸ”₯
. If I ain't got you Alicia Keys 34.6K πŸ”₯
. Stay Rihanna 34.6K πŸ”₯
. Counting stars OneRepublic 34.48K πŸ”₯
. Roxanne The Police 34.35K πŸ”₯
. Sweet home Alabama Lynyrd Skynyrd 34.32K πŸ”₯
. Queen of California John Mayer 34.31K πŸ”₯
. Drive Incubus 34.28K πŸ”₯
. She loves you The Beatles 34.26K πŸ”₯
. Estranged Guns N' Roses 34.2K πŸ”₯